Mobile City Council

Improving Sidewalks Across District 2: Over a Million Dollars Going Towards Projects

Mobile, AL – By the end of the next fiscal year, well over a million dollars will have been invested into improving and replacing sidewalks across District 2. Councilman Levon Manzie has made repairing and replacing sidewalks that are inaccessible to all citizens or dangerous a top priority.

“Whether it’s a quiet neighborhood or the Downtown Entertainment District, having good and safe sidewalks is absolutely essential,” said Councilman Manzie. “Our children, elderly, families, businesses and their customers all deserve safe and passable walkways.”

In the 2016 Capital Improvement Plan he sponsored, Manzie provided almost $720,000 in funding to tackle the first stage of these much needed sidewalk projects across the District. The projects consisted of either repairing existing sidewalks or installing completely new sidewalks. The following communities were targeted in this first round of projects: Down The Bay, Church Street East, Oakleigh, DeTonti Square, Old Dauphin Way, Plateau, Lafayette Heights, Leinkauf, Lower MLK/The Bottoms, The Campground, Toulminville, Downtown Mobile and Maysville.

The Councilman has also slated over half a million dollars for further repairs across the District in his upcoming 2017 Capital Improvement Plan.

“This is an ongoing effort and we will continue it until every community across the District has safe sidewalks,” said Manzie.

In early July, the City Council unanimously approved their 2017 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The plan consists of $21 million of infrastructure projects throughout the city and will be the second year of major projects funded through the extension of the penny sales tax.

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