Mobile City Council

Bay Bridge Road Renamed ‘Africatown Boulevard’

Marking Historic Mobile Community

Mobile, AL – This morning, the City Council approved a proposal by Councilman Levon Manzie to rename Bay Bridge Road, ‘Africatown Boulevard.’ The road marks the entrance to the Africatown Community – which has both local and national significance.

“This is an important step in ensuring we preserve and forever represent this historic community which is of such great importance to our city,” said Councilman Levon Manzie. “This is just the beginning of properly commemorating the unique history that exists in the “State” of Plateau/Africatown.”

Councilman Manzie is also working to secure funding for local infrastructure improvements for the community including repairing or replacing sidewalks, roadways and building a local community center.

“This is just another step in upholding our commitments to the people of the Africatown community,” said Manzie.


Earlier this month, Manzie held a meeting with local residents and business owners to discuss the renaming. There was overwhelming support for the proposal. The Council also approved the measure in a unanimous vote.

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