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Ordinance Introduced to Support Ongoing City Branding Campaign

Mobile, AL – As Mobile closes in on the one-year anniversary of the city’s incredibly successful branding campaign, an ordinance has been introduced to officially adopt the logo for the City of Mobile.

“There is a lot of excitement about the progress we have made in our efforts to brand Mobile as a place to be and visit,” said Councilwoman Bess Rich, one of the sponsors of the ordinance. “We see this as an important next step in ensuring the success of the city's efforts.”

Last October, following an extensive branding process, the ‘Born to Celebrate’ brand was adopted. The branding process lasted over a year and involved a Branding Committee which consisted of key stakeholders and community, business and academic leaders working with a branding firm, BCF. The City funded $150,000 of the over $300,000 for the firm’s work.

After months and months of research including interviews and surveys with locals, visitors, those in the hospitality industry and many others, work on multiple designs, focus group testing and deliberations, the Branding Committee* unanimously voted to accept and recommend the Born to Celebrate Brand Promise and the logo choice with the starburst/confetti around Mobile, Alabama.

“We are so proud that after years of struggling to build awareness and a presence, this brand message has resonated and exhibited serious ‘sticking’ power,” said Karen Atchison, Chairwoman of Visit Mobile. “The fact that it has already won multiple local and state awards further demonstrates its true potential.”

The ordinance, as the next step in the branding campaign, would officially adopt it as the official City logo in order to ensure the consistent use of the image.

“Seeing that this falls within the purview of the Council, it is up to us to take this important step,” said Rich.

“Branding experts have made clear that the consistent and unified use of our brand is essential to success,” said Council Vice President Fred Richardson, the other lead sponsor. “We want to ensure we are doing right by the City, the investment we have already made and all the hard work of the Branding Committee and community members who were a part of this process.’

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilmembers Bess Rich and Fred Richardson, was introduced at yesterday’s meeting and is expected to be voted on next week.

The Branding Committee and other key city leaders and stakeholders who participated in the process include: Al Hutchinson - Visit Mobile, William Sisson - Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Margo Gilbert - Renaissance Battle House Hotel, Kent Blackinton - Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, Karen Atchison - Visit Mobile Board Chair, Buddy Rice - Mobile Airport Authority, Beth Stafford - Stafford & Associates, William Barrick - Bellingrath Gardens & Home, Carol Hunter - Downtown Mobile Alliance, Stan Chassin - Visit Mobile Board Member, Nancy Johnson - Mobile County Commission, Colby Cooper - Mayor Stimpson’s Office, Clay Omainsky - Mobile Restaurant Association, and Michael Haskins - University of South Alabama.


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