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Next Stop Named for ‘Council in the Community’

The City Council announced today the next stop for the ‘Council in the Community’ initiative will be at 6PM on Tuesday, November 1st at the Harmon Recreation Center in District 2. The goal of this initiative is to provide citizens a better chance to attend a council meeting and meet and speak with members of the Council and key city staff.

“As a result of work or family commitments, attending a regular council meeting for most of our citizens is not an option,” said Council President Gina Gregory. “This gives citizens the opportunity to attend a meeting and us a chance to gain a better understanding of the areas outside our own Districts and specific issues or challenges they may face.”

The Council has already held meetings at B.C. Rain High School in District 3, W.P. Davidson High School in District 5 and the Mobile Museum of Art in District 7. The Harmon Recreation Center serves the Maysville Community and is in District 2.

“The Maysville Community is an incredibly important and historical part of our city,” said Councilman Levon Manzie, who represents the District. “I’m glad all my colleagues will have an opportunity to meet members of our community and learn more about the area.”

These meetings take the place of the Council’s weekly meeting regularly held on Tuesday mornings. The Council will visit the remaining Districts throughout the year. Citizens will be able to visit with members of the Council and staff before and after the meeting.

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