Mobile City Council

A Year of Firsts in District One



Our district saw several important "firsts" this year that represent great progress and hope for 2017 and years to come. These are the results of the Capital Improvement Plan which my colleagues and I created with the funds generated by our vote to continue the penny sales tax.

Our plan was to use these funds to attack the infrastructure issues that had been plaguing our City. As we close in on the first year of these CIP projects, we see the result of this investment.

Closing the Dangerous Ditches in Trinity Gardens

For the first time since joining the Council, after years and years of fighting for funding, we were FINALLY able to start work closing the 42 open ditches that sit - often full of stagnant water and litter - in front of families homes in Trinity Gardens. Closing these dangerous ditches and building a proper drainage system for this community is integral and now underway!

Sidewalks for Our Students

For years, students at LeFlore High School and Booker T. Washington Middle School have been forced to walk in the road because of a lack of sidewalks in the area. This was unacceptable and I am so glad that again, for the first time, we were able to address this through the CIP funds. We laid blocks of sidewalks and they are now full with school children safely travelling to and from school in the mornings and afternoons. As a result of the CIP funds, we were also able to repair and replace sidewalks in other parts of the district including Midtown.

Improving Our Parks

Our young people also deserve good public parks. That's why we invested heavily in repairing and upgrading these facilities across District 1. Some of the major upgrades across the district this year include:

Figures Park - an expanded walking trail, swing sets, and other playground furnishings

Mill Street Park - installation of a new pavilion with picnic tables, sidewalks, benches, two grills, a drinking fountain and a trash can

Trinity Gardens Park - a total renovation complete with the installation of a new playground, benches and trash cans

Repairing Our Roads

Many of our main city streets and neighborhood roads have been in disrepair for far too long. This year, we took on major resurfacing projects across the district both on main thoroughfares like Old Shell Road and neighborhoods like Beau Terra. It's crucial we repair and keep up our streets for the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Major Development Headed to District 1

Finally, for the first time, communities east of I-65 will have easy access to a major grocery store. This year, my colleagues on the Council unanimously approved the plans for a development - anchored by a Publix Grocery Store - at the site of the old Augusta Evans School on Florida Street. Their vote was the culmination of my six-year effort to bring a grocery store of this magnitude to our district. I truly appreciate all the work the developer, community groups and local residents have put into this project to ensure it will be the best it can be. This will make a huge difference for our citizens!

As I said, it's been a year of many firsts and there are more to come.

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