Mobile Government


City administration has developed an efficient, business-oriented organization that is employee-centered and customer-driven. Mobile was the only city to receive the prestigious Alabama Quality Award, a prize recognizing organizations whose recent innovations in the area of strategic planning, total quality management, and customer service improvements have resulted in increased productivity and quality initiatives within the organization. Our City compared favorably with businesses throughout the state.

Appointed Officials
Colby J. Cooper Chief of Staff
George Talbot Senior Director of Communications and External Affairs
Sherry Lee Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Ricardo Woods City Attorney
Paul Wesch Executive Director of Finance
Shayla Beaco Senior Director of Community Affairs
Dianne Irby Senior Director of Planning and Development
Bill Harkins Executive Director of Public Works
Jena Berson Senior Advisor
Lisa Lambert City Clerk
Jim Barber Chief, Mobile Police Department
Randy Smith Interim Chief, Mobile Fire and Rescue Department
Shemika Brown Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff