Mobile Government

Real Estate/Asset Management: Mechanical Systems

1768 6th St. Bldg. 54, Brookley Complex
Mobile, AL 36615

Fax: 251-438-7048

Main Contact: 251-438-7319 / FAX 251-438-7048

Contact: Richard Safin -

The Mechanical Systems Department is responsible for installation, maintenance and repairs of heating and ventilation, and air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, swimming pools, fountains, fresh water distribution, sanitary drainage/vents, building and site storm drains, irrigation sprinkler systems, pumps and associated equipment, pneumatic systems, natural gas and other piping systems in the City parks, cemeteries, buildings, rental properties, street rights-of-way and medians, as well as property damages caused by various City departments to private property and requests for services for public events. Provides an acceptable environment in which a facility can accomplish its mission. Recycles refrigerants and oil (USEPA).

Mission Statement:
To provide quality customer service in all areas of assigned responsibility.

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