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Parents, take five

- Take five minutes to talk with your kids about drugs. A five-minute conversation now and then can make a huge difference toward keeping your kids away from drugs. Start talking with your kids today. Click here to read more...

Partnership for a Drug-Free America Summer 2000 Radio Distribution

Music - You may not understand his music, but you can help him understand the facts of smoking marijuana. Call for a free booklet.

Old Enough - Kids today are very smart and very savvy. What makes you think they're too young to try drugs? Make it clear!

Desperate - Parents who stay involved in their kid's life stand a better chance of keeping them off drugs.

Keep Trying - You've taught your children many things. Don't stop trying to teach them about the dangers of drugs.

Schoolyard Wisdom - Kids hear lots of inaccurate stuff from their friends, let your kids learn the truth about marijuana from you.

Differences-Grass - One year separates 6th graders from 7th graders, however their perceptions change drastically. Make sure your kids know you don't want them to use drugs.

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- To reduce the incidence of substance abuse in the Mobile area through a media campaign designed to;
  1. Shape attitudes about the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.
  2. Galvanize public support for area mental health programs and the efforts of community anti-drug coalitions, and
  3. Communicate the value and role of substance abuse treatment to the general public.

In addition to securing the highest level of citywide media support for our anti-drug public service campaign, some specific objectives of the Mobile media initiative are:

  • Provide information about the dangers of drug use;
  • Teach young children how to say no to drugs;
  • Encourage citizens to become involved in anti-drug activities and local organizations;
  • Offer toll-free or local substance abuse helpline information.
  • Fortify existing citywide anti-drug efforts;
  • Support the efforts of existing community anti-drug coalitions; and
  • Support efforts toward reducing violence, illegal underage drinking or tobacco use.

What is the Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile

The Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile is a public-private alliance of business, advertising and media leaders working together to reduce substance abuse in Mobile. This local multimedia public service campaign features messages from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, as well as from other selected sources, customized to assist Mobile's regional and local anti-drug abuse effort.

Why was the Partnership formed

Because Mobilians care about their own, and they are not going to ignore their neighbors' cry for help. Drug abuse threatens thousands of our families throughout Mobile robbing far too many of their health and well-being.

But this is Mobile - just how bad can our drug problem be?

We are not immune to the substance abuse problems that plague the rest of the country. Mobile ranks in the top 10 worst counties in Alabama for Drugs and Alcohol arrests. These arrests included people of all ages, races, and professions. More than 58% of our state's 12th grade students are current users of alcohol, over 50% use marijuana.

Each year, thousands of Mobile kids are introduced to alcohol and other drugs before their 12th birthday. Substance abuse occurs in all kinds of places, too. Local playgrounds, middle-class suburbs, high schools, grade schools, job sites, movie theaters and malls are just a few places where anyone can use or sell drugs.

Keep in mind, too, that each of us, whether we realize it or not, knows or interacts with someone who abuses alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis. This could be your neighbor, the school bus driver, the local banker, a physician, or a relative.

How is the Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile Helping

The only way to combat a problem of this magnitude is to address it head-on. Mobile's Partnership is united to help reduce drug and alcohol abuse in Mobile through advertising, marketing communications and public relations. Its mission is to curb the flow of Mobilians into drug use and abuse while bringing about a public intolerance of drugs, and those who influence others to use drugs.

What does the Partnership campaign say?

Emphasis is placed on media messages that communicate the importance of strong families and family values; the importance of educational achievement and aspirations for children; and the importance of strong community anti-drug norms and community ownership for solutions to substance abuse problems.

Messages consistently reinforce anti-drug attitudes and behavior and encourage Mobilians to get involved in the fight against alcohol and other drug abuse.

The campaign further emphasizes:

  • The use of easy-access telephone numbers within the messages so that the target audience may receive free drug abuse prevention information or treatment referrals.
  • A balance of messages that target all age, race, economic, social, parental, caregiver groups, and the workplace.
  • Working closely, and sharing information expertise, with ongoing programs locally and within the State of Alabama to avoid duplication as well as to support their anti-drug efforts.

 Advisory Board

A special Board of Advisors, made up of key media, business, advertising, trade association and government leaders, provides guidance and assistance. Day-today administration is the responsibility of the campaign's director.

Short-term, start-up funding and administrative assistance for the campaign is provided by the City of Mobile-Mayors Office. Private sources of revenue and in-kind contributions are welcome to ensure the long-term, ongoing growth and viability of the campaign.

Media Issues

Mobile's campaign utilizes the mediums of television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and out of home (billboards, bus stops, public transit, etc.). We seek 52-week media pledges with specific participation levels in each medium.

All creative materials are tagged Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile and a local tag if desired. Body copy or content is altered where possible to contain Mobile-specific information or telephone numbers. All customizations are professionally completed so as to preserve the high-quality look and impact of the message. Media partners are encouraged to add their logo as well.

Media Partners

Emphasis is placed on the care and maintenance of our media partners. New creative is released every 90 days on a rolling schedule of television, newspapers, and radio. Out door media is changed twice each year. At the conclusion of each campaign year we will hold a recognition event designed to thank our generous participants and make certain they receive the credit and publicity they so richly deserve.

Need more information or Help?
Call the Drug Education Council: (251) 433-5456