The Fire Chief is charged with the overall administration and supervision of the activities of the department including Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Service, Communications, Training and all accompanying support and service functions. The Fire Chief provides a vision as well as the daily direction for the department. The Fire Chief's administrative staff is comprised of the Assistant Chief, five (5) Deputy Chiefs, the Public Information Officer and Chaplain.

myron_kingAssistant Fire Chief William A. Pappas, M.P.A., R.P. - email:
The Assistant Chief has overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the Fire-Rescue Department. As such he provides direction to the MFRD staff which is comprised of the five Deputy Chiefs. In the absence of the Fire Chief, the Assistant Chief assumes his responsibilities. The Assistant Chief is also responsible for all pre-disciplinary hearings and oversight of all interviews for new hires and promotions as well as all personnel assignments and transfers.


ken_KellerDeputy Chief Ken Keller, B.S. - email:
Deputy Chief Keller is Deputy Chief of Operations and is the person responsible for all emergency services provided by the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department. This includes fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and all rescue activities. He is responsible for generating all records of emergency activities by the operations division. The Deputy Chief provides direction in the way of emergency preparedness, preplanning, and incident mitigation, as well as developing programs and methods to allow for emergency response units to interface with the community they serve.

myron_kingDeputy Chief Myron King, B.S., R.P. - email:
Deputy Chief King is the Deputy Chief of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He is responsible for the EMS Division and provides leadership, direction, and oversight for the EMS Quality Assurance Program, Paramedic Training, Paramedic Cadet Program, EMS Billing Department, Community Events, and Customer Service and Citizen Complaints.

Deputy Chief F. Doug Sims, B.S., R.N., R.P., M.P.A. - email:
Deputy Chief Sims is the Deputy Chief for the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Investigations and is responsible for the Bureau and provides leadership, direction, and oversight to the Inspection and Investigation Divisions. The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for all fire inspections and fire investigations within the City of Mobile and the Police/Fire Jurisdiction and enforces fire codes, life safety codes, and ordinances adopted by the City of Mobile. He also oversees the operations of the Communications Division which includes new technology for dispatching and communications.

smithDeputy Chief P. Randy Smith, M.S., R.P - email:
Deputy Chief Randy Smith is the Deputy Chief of Training, he provides direction and oversees the overall training program of the department in all areas, including fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials and all phases of rescue training, The Training Division maintains data on safety issues and provides the safety officer for all major incidents. He also serves as the Safety Officer for major events.

Deputy Chief G. Mike Trenier, B.S. email:
Deputy Chief Trenier is the Deputy Chief of Administration and is responsible for aggregating budget data from the various divisions and the preparation of the annual budget request including operating capital, strategic plan, and performance budgets. He has general financial responsibility for the department and as such manages the day to day expenditures from the budgetary allocation. Additional responsibilities include oversight of the data processing, performance statistics and quartermaster functions. The primary focus of the Deputy Chief of Administration is to work with the Fire Chief on research, planning, design, and implementation of special projects for the department.