June Firefighters of the Month
July, 05, 2016

July 5, 2016


R. Steve Huffman
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Tuesday, July 5, Mayor Sandy Stimpson presented the June Firefighter of the month award to Firemedic Tony Rutland and Firemedic Jerome Roberts at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

On May, 21 of this year the pair were working out at World Gym at Government St and Monterey St when Rutland witnessed a man collapse from a treadmill. After a quick evaluation, he determined the patient was in cardiac arrest.

Rutland called for his partner’s assistance and immediately began rendering aid by opening the airway and starting chest compressions. Roberts enlisted the assistance of two civilians by coaching one of them in chest compassions and other in assisting him with retrieving gear from the rescue unit.

When Roberts returned he hooked up the cardiac monitor and it indicated the patient was in VFib (Ventricular Fibrillation).

The patient was shocked once, compressions continued and after about the 100th compression the patient began to gasp, look around the room and move his extremities.
With their quick and knowledgeable reactions, they were able to cardiovert the patient back into a normal rhythm.

While in route to the hospital the patient was able to provide his name and answer questions.