What is Mobile’s Capital Improvement Plan?

The City of Mobile has developed a three-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to begin addressing the $250 million backlog of broken infrastructure throughout our City. The capital expenditure levels of years past were not making a dent in the backlog, and this $63 million plan helps our City jumpstart the process of funding critical infrastructure needs. By undertaking nearly 200 capital improvement projects across Mobile this year alone, we are setting into motion much-needed repairs to our streets, sidewalks, ditches, bridges, drainage and parks. We can no longer defer these investments.

Maintenance, repair and renewal costs only grow when government ignores infrastructure, so we must be diligent in investing wisely and continuously. Through this collaborative process, we are positioning ourselves to finally begin addressing the infrastructure needs throughout every area of our community. Over the next three years, every citizen will benefit from this plan. As repairs are made, parents will be able push baby strollers down smooth sidewalks, families will be able to enjoy our parks and drivers should feel safer on our roads. This is truly a transformative moment for our City.

Historical CIP Expenditures

To start, the CIP is a three-year initiative to plan and implement projects that sustainably fix our streets, sidewalks, ditches, parks and other key infrastructure based on the renewal of the 1% sales tax. It will commit $21 million a year for a total of $63 million over three years (2016-2018).

CIP Project Map

The map below provides information for all of the City of Mobile’s CIP projects. The map’s functionality allows residents to search for projects near their homes, businesses, schools and other important locations. Once a project is selected, residents can view the project name, type and budget year.

CIP Summary and Accomplishments

$ of Roadway Resurfacing and Reconstruction

$ of Drainage Repair, Renewal & Improvements

$ of Parks and Recreation Improvements

$ of Sidewalk Repair, Renewal & New Installations

$ of Traffic & Signal Repairs & Improvements

$ of City Facility Repairs & Improvements

$ of Assessments, Program Management, and Contingencies

$ of MAWSS Joint Repairs

$ of Bridge, Culvert, and Guardrail Repair & Renewal