Mobile Government


Mobile Municipal Court
P.O. Box 2446
Mobile, Al. 36652
Phone: 251-208-7055

So, you have to go to court?
Remember this...


There is meter parking by the Government Plaza building, a parking lot on Church Street behind the building, nearby street parking, or you can park at the Civic Center parking lot. Rates vary. Do not park at the Holiday Inn! You will get a fifty dollar parking ticket.

First of all, make sure you are in the right court. If you have a ticket given by a Mobile city policeman, you should be on the second floor. If your ticket was given by a deputy sheriff, state trooper, campus policeman, or any other county or state law enforcement officer, you should go to the fourth floor for court, or the third floor for payment.

Payments for tickets that are not "court appearance mandatory", can be mailed in or paid at the teller window on the second floor.

Court Dates and Times.

Mobile Municipal Court is held Monday - Friday beginning at 8:00am each day. Your ticket or court paperwork should have a court date indicated. If unsure, call 251-208-7055.

What to Bring.

Bring your license, tag registration, insurance documents, or any relative information to your case. It is a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket. The Court Room is usually cool. If at all possible, do not bring children.

Courtroom Conduct.

Dress respectfully for court. Gentlemen, please remove hats in court. No beepers, phones, or pagers. Do not talk back to the judge or act inappropriately or use foul language. You do not want to get a Contempt of Court citation. (This could mean a fine of $25.00 or $50.00 or a jail sentence of two to five days.)

Standing Before the Judge.

At the beginning of court, the judge will give instructions. Listen! You may be able to go to traffic school if you have a valid license, have not gone to traffic school in the last two years, and the charge is a moving violation allowed for traffic school. You will be asked how you plea. If you plead guilty, the judge will set a fine and you will be directed to a teller to pay your fine. For certain offenses a jail sentence may be imposed, however, the judge will inform you of this before he accepts your plea. If you plead not guilty, a court date will be set where the officer must appear and prove your guilt. Please! If you have any questions, the time to ask is when you are before the judge. No one else can help. Once you are adjudicated and fined, it is to late to change the judge’s ruling unless you appeal.If you are found guilty, you will have 14 days to appeal the court's decision to Circuit Court. You may then demand a trial by jury or a trial before a Circuit Court judge. A clerk can listen and sympathize, but certainly cannot help you or change the judge’s decision.

All Municipal Court clerks are part of the Judicial Branch of the government, not Law Enforcement and therefore must remain neutral to your case. They can not legally offer advice, but can help with procedural questions, such as charges, fines, if you have a warrant, who to see, where to go, etc.

Although the Police Department and the Courts try very hard to not make a mistake and to give accurate information, we are human and do make mistakes. If you are not sure about your case, please call!

Traffic Tickets can be paid online.

To Pay On-Line, visit

There will be a processing fee of 3% added to each ticket.
Minimum of $5.00 and Maximum of $15.00.