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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is my violation indicated?

A. A traffic citation (ticket) has one or more violations, indicated on the front of the ticket by the police officer. The violation has a numeric code description. Each violation listed on the ticket has a specific fine and fee associated with it.

Q.How do I find out my court date or the deadline to pay citation?

A. It is listed at the bottom of the traffic citation, the police officer has written the action due date (first appearance date). By the expiration of this date the motorist must take action:

  1. Plead guilty and pay the fines and fees.
  2. Plead not guilty and request a trial date before a Traffic Court Judge.

Q.How soon can I inquire information regarding the citation?

A. Normally, Traffic Court receives traffic tickets from police agencies between seven (7) and ten (10) days after a ticket was issued to a motorist. Traffic Court employees enter the tickets into the Court's computer, and the ticket is immediately available for processing. Therefore, please wait at least seven (7) days from issue date before contacting Traffic Court to take action on the traffic citation

Q.How do I plead guilty?

A. To plead Guilty and Pay a Ticket
(additional details are provided under Citation Inquiry and Payment within this web site):
Full payment for all violation charges and late fees must be made. Motorist can make payments:

  1. On this web site
  2. By telephone
  3. By mail
  4. In person, at Municipal Court (2nd Floor, North Tower)

Q. How do I plead not guilty?

A. To plead Not Guilty and Request a Trial Date
(additional details are provided under Appearance Instructions located on this web site. Read directions under subtitle "Standing Before the Judge")

Q. How do I request a trial date?

A. If first appearance date has not passed, report to court on your scheduled court date listed at the bottom of your citation. Foloow directions under Appearance Instructions located on this web site.

Q. How do I reset a court date?

A. If your appearance date has passed contact Municipal Court at 251-208-7055 for further instructions.

Q. If I receive a ticket for no proof of insurance?

A. See Schedule of Fines and Court Cost located on this web sire.
If vehicle had insurance coverage at the time of citation, it can be inspected at any precinct for a fee of $20.00
If vehicle did not have insurance coverage at time of citation a court appearance is mandatory. Your court date is listed at the bottom of your citation.

Q. How do I find out if I have a warrant?

A. Call the Warrant Detail at (251)208-6270

Q. How do I obtain a Restraining Order?

A. Call Strickland Youth Center for details at (251)574-1450 or City of Mobile Legal office at (251)208-7416.

Q. What information do I need to obtain a warrant?

A. To have someone arrested: First call the police and make a police report. You must have information about person as possible, such as name, address, date of birth or age, employer or phone number. Then call the magistrate's office to set up an appointment at (251)208-6260.

Q. Where is the magistrate's office located?

A. 120 Palmetto Street, Mobile Alabama, 36602.