Mobile Government


Schedule of Fines

Magistrate Minimum Fine schedule for City of Moble Traffic Violations When Satisfied Prior to Court Date:

As of October 1, 2009 the City of Mobile no longer accepts personal or business checks.

Fine Schedule

Speeding less than 25 mph over speed limit $177.00
Speeding 25 mph or more over speed limit $197.00
Running a Red Light $177.00
Running a STOP SIGN $177.00
Seatbelt Violations $41.00
Child Restraint $182.00
NO TAG $207.00
Noise Ordinance $442.00
Window Tint $177.00

Insurance Violations:

If vehicle had insurance coverage at the time the ticket was issued:
Vehicle can be inspected at any precinct for a fee of $20.00 within 72 hours of receiving violation. Proof of Insurance has to be for the vehicle the violation was Issued on and in effect at the time the ticket was issued.

If you did not have insurance coverage and/or vehicle registration at the time the time the ticket was issued: Court appearance is mandatory.