Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives

Samuel L. Jones, Mayor

The Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives

MOSI's mission is to solicit grants and other funds that may be available to the city from other entities to support improvement efforts in targeted communities. MOSI develops communication strategies including development and maintenance and then evaluates those strategies. We identify resources needed to meet the targeted area needs for all districts and then set policies that outline how each component of the operation will operate for all districts. We also plan guidelines and commit to goals and objectives for all districts while continuing to monitor the progress and effectiveness of our strategies.

Things we do

MOSI's slogan: The Mayor's Office of Strategic Initatives is dedicated to rebuilding, reuniting, and sustaning the City of Mobile.

More about the MOSI

The MOSI joins with law enforcement agencies from all levels of government that aim to reduce both, crime and the fear of crime in distressed neighborhoods. This gives hope back to residents, and sets the stage for community revitalization. Also, The Goal of the Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives is to bring communities together throughout the city through community service and community events.

The Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives sponsors many community events city-wide. These are a few pictures from some of those events.