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Mobile Delegates to Visit Sister City for Opening of Youth Leadership Center

February 23, 2010

Mobile City Councilman Jermaine Burrell and Chief Staff Attorney Florence Kessler will travel to our Sister City of Ariel, Israel for the grand opening of the Ariel National Youth Leadership Center (ANYLC).

The ANYLC is an experiential, outdoor learning environment, which is focused on developing Israelís leaders for tomorrow. The practical application fosters personal development and equips young people to effectively lead themselves and others. With this holistic approach to leadership training, young people are able to grow and develop in the following areas:

1) Practical decision-making and teamwork skills;
2) Personal character development based on values of the Tanakh;
3) Appreciation and respect for authority;
4) Understanding Israelís cultural heritage.

Hereís a little more information about our Sister City, Ariel, Israel:

Located on the beautiful hills of Ephraim, the City of Ariel is located one hour north of Jerusalem. In 1979, Mayor Ron Nachman dropped two tents out of a helicopter and was later joined by 30 other families to establish the city of Ariel.

Thirty years later, Ariel is the capital city of Samaria and home to almost 20,000 people and another 9,000 students who attend the University of Judea and Samaria, located in the heart of the city. With a rich cultural center and a strong emphasis on education and youth, Ariel now offers a platform for national youth leadership programs in conjunction with Israelís Ministry of Education.