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Your Penny at Work

May 15, 2013

Below is a look at the capital projects and equipment that has been or will be purchased with the revenue from the penny sales tax increase.


Citywide Guardrail repairs at least 19 locations (Budget $250,000)
Citywide miscellaneous flat work concrete repairs ($750,000)
Citywide pipe lining repairs for improved stormwater draining maintenance ($750,000 - $1 million)
Repairing concrete ditches at locations throughout the city. ($1.7 $2 million)
Citywide restriping of various streets ($400,000)
Broad Street Rebuild [from 15th St to I-10] ($5 million) - This project will be a complete road and drainage rebuild with improvements to Baker St. intersection. Construction is tentatively set to begin this Summer. It will include road widening, improved access management, utilities, pedestrian features, lighting and technology infrastructure, and utility relocation.


75 Police Cars ($2.25 million)
2 Ladder Trucks for the Mobile Fire Rescue Department ($2.1 million)
3 Garbage Trucks ($600,000)
4 Knuckle Boom Loaders with 1 street sweeper and 2 aerial buckets ($376,000)
1 Digger Derrick Truck ($150,000)
4 Shuttle Trucks ($252,000)
1 Bucket Truck ($130,000)
1 Barco Loader ($162,000)
4 18-foot Trailers ($57,500)
1 50-ton Low Boy ($50,000)
1 Vactor Truck ($159,500)
2 Bucket Trailers ($170,000)
1 Rubber Tire Backhoe ($30,000)
4 Wetline Kits ($30,000)