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Mayor Declares War on Blight and Litter - FACT SHEET

June 25, 2014

"We have the potential to be one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in America. Great cities are clean cities with vibrant neighborhoods, an engaged citizenry and a sense of pride all across the city. For far too long, we have allowed many neighborhoods to weaken and deteriorate, and that is unacceptable. We have allowed litter to sit on our streets, in our yards and across our parks while the community walks-by. Starting today, Mobile is going to take the appropriate steps and actions to clean up our City, enforce our codes and, together, make Mobile the envy of America's great cities. I hereby declare a War on Blight and Litter!"

- Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Mayoral Action: Amend City's Litter Ordinance - The first step in the multi-phase War on Blight and Litter is to develop a solid legal basis and amend the City's litter ordinance. The administration is serious about engaging citizens, businesses and organizations committed to partnership, as well as implementing the law enforcement mechanisms to ensure those who do not voluntarily participate understand there are repercussions for non-compliance.

Key Changes to Litter Ordinance (Article II of Chapter 25, Mobile City Code):

1. Litter receptacles, including cigarette receptacles, are required on commercial premises at entrances, employee smoking areas and common pedestrian transition points.
2. Prohibition of "junk" vehicles kept by owners, tenants and occupants.
3. Properties surrounding multi-family residential premises or places of assembly must be free of litter, just as commercial premises must be free of litter.
4. Cigarette butts are now specifically prohibited from being deposited onto city streets, alleys, stormwater structures, ditches or waterways.
5. All dumpsters must now be enclosed.
6. Prohibition of signs on trees or utility poles in the City Rights-of-Way, without exception.
7. All responsible parties both owners and occupants will be held responsible for a property in question.

Next Steps:

Evaluate and address the City's internal organizational structure so it is streamlined and able to best support this priority policy initiative.
Notify and educate the public of upcoming changes and potential law enforcement action for non-compliance.
Work with stakeholder groups to amass public support for change and action through communication, coordination and collaboration.
Start cleaning-up our City!

Merriam-Webster Definitions:

Blight noun \blīt\: something that frustrates plans or hopes; something that impairs or destroys; a deteriorated condition (urban blight)

Litter noun \li-tər\: things that have been thrown away and that are lying on the ground in a public place