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Mayor Stimpson Moves Forward on Litter Enforcement

September 09, 2014

MOBILE, Ala. - Mayor Sandy Stimpson today reminded the citizens of Mobile that the city will begin enforcement of its strengthened laws against litter on October 1.

Stimpson said the new litter ordinance, approved by the Mobile City Council in June, provides the foundation for his administration's campaign to clean up Mobile and toughen penalties on those who litter.

"We all know litter lowers our quality of life and impedes our potential to become the safest, most business and family-friendly city in America," said Mayor Stimpson. "The litterers are hereby put on notice: We are going to enforce the law. Our citizens want a cleaner Mobile, and we are committed to achieving it."

Stimpson also announced that, in response to public feedback, his administration will give property owners more time to comply with a requirement to enclose all dumpsters. Stimpson set a new deadline of March 1, 2015, for that requirement, saying the delay should give businesses ample time to get into compliance.

The deadline is being extended for the dumpster provision only, and enforcement of fines for all other provisions of the ordinance will begin on October 1.

Stimpson said that, since the introduction of the litter ordinance, his administration has worked diligently with civic and neighborhood organizations, community leaders and other stakeholder groups to educate the public and build support for the new law.

Under the ordinance, the city's fine for littering is $250. In addition, court costs and fees are $191. Every day a violation exists can result in a separate fine and court costs/fees.

Stimpson urged citizens to take note that beginning October 1, it will be expensive to litter in Mobile.

"We need a culture change," Stimpson said. "Litter polluting our streets and waterways gives our visitors and neighbors the wrong impression of who we are and who we want to be. It's time to obey the law or face the consequences."