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City of Mobile Prepares for TenSixtyFive Music Festival

September 29, 2017

Mobile, Ala.-- While citizens and visitors enjoy top tier music during the TenSixtyFive Music Festival, the City of Mobile will be hard at work to ensure everyone has a good time.


  • Crews are providing curbside pickup twice on Saturday and Saturday for LODA businesses.

  • All garbage carts will be promptly removed off sidewalks to improve the Downtown atmosphere.

  • Both downtown garbage compacters will be emptied prior to the festival to avoid overflow.


  • The Downtown Alliance and the City are partnering to keep the areas clean around the events.

  • All are encouraged to pitch in and clean up the areas around them.


  • The Cleaner, Greener LoDa Eco-Team will be picking up recycling at the event areas. Volunteers can sign up here.

  • The City is providing curbside recycling for downtown bars and restaurants throughout the event.

  • All glass, cardboard, paper, metal and plastic can now be recycled in the same recycling container.

Post Event Cleanup:

  • The city will be utilizing back pack blowers, litter getters and street sweepers to clean the streets on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

Emergency Response:

  • Mobile Fire-Rescue will provide emergency medical services via walking teams, ambulances and EMS bike teams.

  • MFRD mini-Ambulances will dynamically move throughout the event.

  • Central Fire Station will be the MFRD Command Post and Dispatch Center.

Public Safety:

  • MPD will patrol the outside event area to ensure safety.

  • The Mounted Unit will assist with crowd control, crime prevention and response.

  • The Traffic Unit will direct traffic and provide security for parked vehicles.

  • Uniformed officers and a team of plainclothes officers will respond to any suspicious activity.

  • The Cyber-Intelligence Unit will monitor cameras within the event area and responds to any criminal activity.

Watch a special video of the Party Animal in the Mayor's Office.