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Construction Underway at 10 City Parks and 2 Community Centers

October 11, 2017

"It is vital that we provide our youth access to safe, recreational opportunities. In order to connect communities throughout the City of Mobile, we must ensure that our parks, which are the hearts of our neighborhoods, meet the expectations and needs of Mobilians. These renovations will help transform our parks into gathering place for our citizens." -- Mayor Stimpson

City Action: Construction is underway at 10 parks and 2 community centers including Rickarby, Harmon, Henry Aaron, Matthews, Unity Point, Dog River, McNally, Walsh, Theodore, Langan, Sullivan Community Center and Hope Community Center.

Rickarby Park:

  • Replacing baseball benches in place of the current ones.

  • Replacing damaged sections of sidewalk near the community center building.

  • Installing a drinking fountain and a new trash receptacle

  • Reroofing and Painting of the interior and exterior of the community center.

  • Removing the dilapidated basketball court.

  • Installing a new state of the art basketball court complete with new goals and court surfacing.

  • Basketball court is expected to be complete by mid-November.

Harmon Park

  • Installing new field lighting.

  • Upgrading playing fields for area youth and students at the adjacent George Hall Elementary School.

  • Improving the fencing around the fields and playground.

  • Demolishing the swings from the previous playground.

  • Building a first class playground.

  • The playground is expected to be complete by late-November, however, the completion of the fields will not be until the first of the new year.

Henry Aaron Park

  • Repairing Park Benches and replacing or repainting trash cans, replacing two drinking fountains and repainting entryways.

  • This initial Work is expected to be complete by mid-October.

  • Upgrading the playing field for area youth is expected to be complete by the first of the new year.

  • Replacing barbeque grills and picnic tables, improving dugouts and replacing two sets of bleachers will occur in 2018.

  • Design a new playground. There will be an opportunity for public engagement in this park planning effort, so look for more details in the upcoming months.

Matthews Park

  • Replacing two, defunct drinking fountains with new ones.

  • Replacing deteriorated wood bollards.

  • Repairing two dugout roofs.

  • Making Structural Repairs and Re-roofing the Press Box building.

  • Replacing the existing damaged ceiling in the Press Box building.

  • Work is expected to be complete early in the new year.

Unity Point

  • Repairing the existing sculpture and fountain structure.

  • Repointing the mortar joints between stones.

  • Cleaning the fountain's stone surfaces.

  • Work is expected to be complete by mid-October.

Sullivan and Hope Community Centers

  • Installing new security cameras.

  • Work is expected to be complete mid-October.

  • Both Community Centers will receive improved gym flooring in 2018.

Walsh Park

  • Building new sidewalks and improved parking spaces along the street.

  • Resurfacing the existing basketball court.

  • Upgrading other park furnishings, including new barbeque grills, trash cans and benches.

  • Construction will start in mid-October.

  • Work is expected to be complete by mid-January.

McNally Park

  • Removing the existing dilapidated pier.

  • Building a new pier to improve public access to Mobile Bay.

  • Work is expected to be complete in late-December 2017.

Dog River Park

  • Renovating the press box and concession area, including a sidewalk in between the two buildings.

  • Providing sidewalk access to bleachers from new ADA parking.

  • Replacing four damaged bleachers.

  • Upgrade the existing restroom facilities which includes ADA compliant bathrooms.

  • Installing additional lighting and security cameras throughout the park.

  • Repairing the boat launch and pier, as well as other site improvements.

  • Installing new drinking fountains, trash cans, benches and picnic tables.

  • Design is in process and construction is expected to begin by the end of the year.

  • New scoreboard was installed in September.

Theodore Park

  • Creating a new walking trail.

Langan Park

  • Replacing two, defunct drinking fountains with new ones.

View Project Photos below:

Broken concrete panel on Unity Point Statue.

Construction on Rickarby Basketball Court

Current McNally Pier to be replaced.

Damaged Dog River bleachers to be replaced

Dog River Boat launch and pier to be repaired

Harmon Park Construction

Matthews Park current drinking fountain to be replaced.

New Dog River Park Scoreboard

Painting a Bench at Henry Aaron Park