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Mayor Stimpson Presents Draft Development Code for Citizen Feedback

January 24, 2019

"When we embarked on the Map for Mobile planning process, we promised to implement it as a 'living document' with action plans developed and reviewed on an annual basis. This draft development code will foster growth and be a catalyst for economic development."Mayor Stimpson

Mayoral Action: Mayor Stimpson is presenting the draft Unified Development Code (UDC) for public comment. Citizens can offer feedback on the new code at through March 8. This new code sets standards and procedures to guide new development and redevelopment in the City of Mobile. Following the public comment period, City staff will incorporate changes into the draft document. The code will then be presented to both the Planning Commission and the City Council for approval.

In 2016, Mayor Stimpson launched the effort to create a new zoning code, something that had not been done in almost 50 years. The Administration initiated this project to translate the broad vision of Map for Mobile into specific land use policies. Adoption of this document will represent a significant step supporting the vision statements described within the comprehensive plan.


  • Creates a sense of place
  • Builds neighborhood character
  • Improves walkability through sidewalks and public spaces
  • Protects our natural resources

For Neighborhoods:
  • Protects investments, property values, and quality of life
  • Includes more design standards for residential areas
  • Supports development that reflects the character of each neighborhood
  • Implements streetscape standards to promote and preserve neighborhood character
  • Requires civic and open spaces in new developments

For Businesses:
  • Streamlines the development approval process
  • Reflects modern practices in land use planning to support economic development
  • Establishes a maritime zoning district to embrace our working waterfront
  • Creates a new commercial warehouse zoning category to support warehousing and distribution activities

For Development:
  • Provides a modern and flexible approach to regulating development
  • Establishes a streamlined approval process
  • Simplifies regulations into one document

For Natural Resources:
  • Includes riparian buffers to protect water quality, reduce runoff and erosion and support wildlife habitats
  • Preserves land areas near major waterways and flood prone areas
  • Establishes guidelines for environmentally sensitive areas