Mobile Government

Garbage Collection Rules

The City of Mobile is committed to providing its citizens with the best garbage collection service possible. To make your garbage collection simple as possible please abide by the following rules.

The City of Mobile will provide an initial 96 or 64 gallon cart to newly constructed residential units. All existing homes have been provided carts. Additional carts may be purchased.

To purchase a new/replacement/additional cart you can call 251-208-4100. 96 gallon carts are $85.00 and 64 gallon carts are $76.00. Newly purchased carts are delivered within 3-5 business days upon receipt.

All residential units must be within the City of Mobile's limit to be serviced. There is a 2 cart limit per dwelling. Each cart will have a serial number that will be registered to the address where it is serviced.

The City of Mobile will not service businesses outside of the Downtown Business District, Apartments, nor houses with more than four units. If you have any questions or concerns please call 251-208-2941.

Place your carts at the curb by 6:00 AM the morning of your scheduled garbage collection day and do not leave your carts out overnight. Your cart will not be serviced at the exact same time each collection day.

In the event that your scheduled collection day falls on a holiday the City will reschedule your collection day. Holiday schedules will be posted on the City's website and local media outlets. CITYOFMOBILE.ORG

Place your cart at least 3 feet away trees, bushes, vehicles, mailboxes, utility lines or anything that may obstruct your garbage collection service. Place your cart within 2 feet of the curb with handle facing away from the street.

Place only household garbage in your garbage carts. Household garbage should be placed in plastic or paper bags prior to being placed in your carts. Loose household garbage could result in litter during collection service. The City of Mobile is not responsible for litter that results from loose household garbage placed in garbage carts.

Do not place yard debris, construction material/debris, metal, concrete, sod, sand, dirt, rocks, plaster, hot ashes, flammable products, chemical products, liquid paint, toxic materials, automobile parts, batteries or dead animals in your garbage cart. It is unlawful to place hazardous waste in your garbage cart.

Do not over fill the cart to the extent where you cannot close the lid. Do not place anything on top or around your cart including excess household garbage.

No other containers other than the carts issued by the City will be picked up. Loose bags, boxes or other items will not be collected. The driver is not responsible for loose garbage that is not placed in your cart.

Failure to comply by the City Of Mobile Garbage Collection Guide Lines, your garbage will not be collected until your area's next scheduled garbage pickup day.

The City is not responsible for replacing carts that are damaged by customer abuse or neglect. Damaged cart lids, wheels, caps and bars will be repaired at no cost to the resident. For lid and wheel repairs call the Action Center at 251-208-5311

To report stolen carts call the City of Mobile Non-Emergency number 251-208-7211 and the Action Center 251-208-5311.