Mobile Government

Trash Collection Rules

City crews collect trash every other week in your neighborhood. The city’s routes are divided into north and south collection areas.

Residents are allowed to put out trash 48 hours in advance of their normal pickup day. They are limited to two cubic yards of trash—that’s a pile measuring three feet high, three feet wide and six feet long. That’s equivalent to 15 bags of leaves, pine straw or other yard materials. Larger quantities may be taken by the resident to the trash fill or collected by the Public Works department for a fee.

Mobile City ordinance prohibits:

  • placing trash at the curb more than 48 hours in advance;
  • placing trash on medians or on vacant lots;
  • blowing, and sweeping of grass or leaves into gutters or storm drains.

Ticket and Court Cost $532.00

Residential trash is defined as limbs, old furniture, appliances, and junk. Yard trimmings, leaves, straw, and grass clippings should be composted, used as mulch or bagged for collection.

If you violate the city’s ordinance, you will receive a citation and be charged a fee.

If you have questions about the trash collection schedule, please click here; call the city’s Action Center at 208-7999 or Public Works at 208-4100.