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Next 100 Days Agenda

Protect Mobile 
Perform Mock Inspection for ISO 1 Certification
Submit Application for Accreditation for the Commission Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Host Graduation for the New Firefighter Recruit Class
Roll Out the Delivery and IN-Service on One New Ladder Truck
Outfit all Suppression Units with Thermal Imaging Cameras
Host MFRD Fire Expo by the Community Risk Reduction Division
Hire & Begin Training New Firefighter Recruit Class
Deploy First Aid Kits in all Police Cars
Complete Training and Deploy Narcan to all Officers
Deploy Digital Media Recruiting Campaign
Release Sexual Harassment Course to all City Employees
Submit Design Contract for the Public Safety Training Center to City Council
Submit Design Contract for the Mounted Unit to City Council

Grow Mobile 
Submit 2021 Fire and Build Code Updates to City Council
Amend the Historic Preservation Ordinance to Align with State Enabling Legislation which Establishes the MHDC and ARB
Draft Subdivision Regulations for Planning Commission Adoption
Conduct Needs Assessment & Select Demonstration Neighborhood for Toolkit
Launch Pilot Neighborhood (Toulminville Community) for the Roll-Out of the Neighborhood Planning Toolkit
Release the Annexation Plan
Host Single Family Developer Workshop
Secure and/or Demolish 20 Public Nuisance Structures
Coordinate and Perform a Targeted Code Sweep
Open the Neighborhood Resources Center to the Public
Announce a State Certified Nonprofit Developer Opening a Mobile Office
Assist Africatown Redevelopment Corporation with Temporary Office Space
Provide an Update on City Assisted COVID Response Food Pantries
Assist the Housing Authority in Placing 110 Vouchers on Multi-Family Properties
Receive Nonprofit Applications for HUD Funding
Submit Proposal to Execute a Landswap with Mobile County Public School System to City Council
Sell or Swap the Boykin Park Property
Build out Court Room 6200 (Sp)

Hire Mobile 
Announce Small Business Funding Partnership
Announce LendingTree Grant Awards for Small Businesses
Acquire Software to Electronically Track Disadvantaged Business Participation with City Contracts
Launch Free Digital Marketing Services through GoDaddy and TruFund for Small Businesses
Host Graduation for the Fall 2022 Contractors College
Announce Financial Empowerment RFP Award

Connect Mobile
Open 2023 City Wide ADA Sidewalk Improvement Project for Bid
Open LED Light Replacement Airport/Dauphin for Bid
Open Construction of the Cottage Hill and Hillcrest Intersection for Bid
Issue NTP on Citywide Roadway Striping
Complete Schillinger Road Corridor Signal Improvements
Issue NTP on CIP Resurfacing
Issue NTP on the Design Work for Cypress Shores Ditches
Award Construction Contract for the 3 Mile Creek Hydrological Restoration
Host the Convening of the Focus on the Future Summit II
Complete the Construction of Broad Street from the Roundabout to Government
Complete the Design of the Dauphin Street Congestion Project (Sage to Springhill Memorial)
Design St. Louis Street Rebuild to 90% Completion

Enjoy Mobile
 Complete Site Layout for Hall of Fame Courtyard
Unveil Enhanced Concepts of Riverfront Redevelopment
Complete Design of Upgrades at Trimmier Park Stadium
Start Consultant Contract for Design of Medal of Honor Park
Submit Construction Contract for Langan Park Upgrades to City Council
Submit Construction Contract for Public Safety Memorial Park Upgrades to City Council
Submit Bid Contract for the Demolition of the Ziebach Property to City Council
Complete Design of Clay Courts at Copeland Cox Tennis Center
Select Consultant for Upgrades at Figures Park
Select Consultant for Upgrades at Trinity Gardens Park
Establish Design Contract for the Lavretta Pickleball Courts
Start Construction on new Pickleball Courts at Seals Park
Start Construction on new Pickleball Courts at Crawford-Murphy Park
Open Construction at Azalea City Golf Course for Bid (Range Building, Upgrade to Clubhouse Restrooms)
Open Constructions Upgrades at Taylor Park for Bid (Community Center, Pool, Poolhouse, Lighting)
Open Construction Upgrades at Baumhaur-Randle for Bid (New Restrooms and Splash Pad)
Establish Design Contract for Upgrades at Mims Park (New Restrooms and Athletic Field)
Establish Design Contract for Upgrades at Laun Park (Recreation Center and Splash Pad)
Establish Design Contract for Upgrades at Stotts Park (Pickleball Court Amenities and Rec Center Flooring)

Visit Mobile 
Open Exhibitions Featuring the Work of Two Southern Women Artists at MMoA
Status Update on Reaccreditation of MMoA
Host "Half Earth Day" Celebration at GulfQuest
Open a Hurrican Simulator at GulfQuest
Announce Film-Virtual Production Class Partnership with UMS Preparatory School
Announce City and County Partnership to Upgrade Isom Clemon Park
Complete First Class Series of Tourism Ambassador Program
Provide Planning and Logistic Support for the Veterans' Day Parade and Luncheon
Present New Promotional Video on Cruise Ship Terminal and Port/Informational HandOut at FCCA

Ready Mobile
Complete Nationwide Search and Hire New Animal Service Director
Host Fall Household Hazardous Waste Event
Submit Design Contract for the Animal Shelter to City Council
Complete 2023 Budget
Adopt 2023 Budget
Compile/Collect Data to Prepare Annual Legal Debt Margin (LDM) Report
Prepare a Report on All Capital Fund Available Balances
Finalize Spreadsheet Determining the Calculation of Bonus to be paid to all Police & Fire Retirees
Digitize Payroll and Employee History Cards for all Police, Fire and Pensioners
Develop Policy on Calculation of Retirement Benefits for Police and Fire Pensioners
Complete the Consolidation of NAICS Codes and Update the Business Licences City Ordinances
Complete the Revenue Collection Policy
Implement the New Auditing Software
Create Grants and Account Manuals for Staff
Standardize Grants Forms for Vetting Department Grant Requests
Complete Corridor Tree Trimming on the Hillcrest Road Segment
Develop an Urban Forestry plan for 311 Work Orders and Major Corridor Preventative Maintenance
Develop a Plan for CY23 City Maintained ROW Mowing
Recycling Center Improvements at Museum Drive
Kick Off Shopping Center Litter Receptacles Pilot Project at Westwood
Present Resilience Assessment & Plan Project Charter
Announce Resilience Assessment & Plan Resilience Vision
Launch Flood Insurance Web Page
Submit Application to join the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System
Kick Off Bi-Annual Trash Blows Campaign
Post County-Wide Recycling Expansion Feasibility Study RFP
Post Recycling Education RFP
Announce a Third Recycling Center Drop Off Location
Host Tire Amnesty Day
Host Mayor's Leadership Team Litter Cleanup
Submit Litter Education Booklet to City of Mobile Schools
Announce five-year Electric Vehicle Fleet Plan
Establish an Annual Litter Cleanup Contract with Ransom Ministries
Announce Citizen Texting Service
Develop a Citizen Web Portal for GIS data and maps
Implement Tyler Electronic Payment System
Implement a Public Records Request Management System