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A Message from Mayor Stimpson - July 17

Jul 17th, 2020

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Good evening,


It is 6 p.m. on Friday, July 17 and I am writing to give you an update from the City of Mobile.


As of tonight, there have been 5,767 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mobile County, with 2,666 presumed recovered. Daily numbers on hospitalizations and deaths were not available from the Mobile County Health Department, due to the rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19 cases.


We will provide updated numbers as they become available to us. Click here to read a detailed report from the Mobile County Health Department. 


Today, Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Pete Gaynor was in Mobile to meet with local and state officials. The discussion focused on hurricane preparedness during COVID-19.

Administrator Gaynor said that disaster response is most successful when it's locally executed, state managed and federally supported. 


As residents of the Gulf Coast, we have learned plenty of lessons about the catastrophic damage that can occur during a powerful storm. As we enter the peak of hurricane season, it's important that each of us begin preparing now.


COVID-19 is not going to stop hurricanes from happening but it will adjust how we respond to them. Locally, we have overhauled our plans to take the pandemic into consideration.


Our hope is that, if we all do our part, we will slow the spread of the virus and fewer people will get sick.These simple steps will keep us safe:

  • Wear a mask when in public
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Keep a safe distance from others
  • Stay home if you are sick

Looking around the state, Alabama is breaking all kinds of records and it's not a good thing! We had the highest number of daily cases, hospitalizations, and deaths this week. Our percentage of positive tests has increased to 16.6 percent as of July 11.


As you go into the weekend, we urge you to wash your hands, wear a face covering, practice social distancing, and stay home when possible.