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City Council Meeting Recap – May 9, 2023

May 10th, 2023

Posted in: General News

MOBILE, AL – The Mobile City Council unanimously approved an annexation resolution that could bring approximately 25,000 residents and numerous businesses in West Mobile into the city limits. Each Councilmember expressed their commitment to moving the city forward through growth plans that benefit all current and future community members. The proposed annexed area is comprised of four independent voting blocks, categorized as Kings Branch, Orchard Estates, the Cottage Hill Corridor, and Airport Corridor. Residents in any one or more of these areas could vote in favor of the proposal, while others may not. Should the proposal pass in each area, Mobile would become the second-largest city in Alabama.
The Council authorized the use of Capital Improvement Plan funds for contracts with Watkins Acy Strunk Design, Inc. for new tennis courts, pickleball courts, and parking at Crawford-Murphy, Hillsdale and Stotts Parks. Councilmembers also approved design, engineering, and construction contracts to push forward the expansion of the Three Mile Creek Greenway Project. This project includes easements from the Mobile Housing Authority where the Roger Williams housing complex was demolished so the trail can continue east of Tricentennial Park.
Council approved amending Chapter 44, Article IV Mobile City Code entitled “Historic Preservation” was passed. The new Mobile Historic Development Commission ordinance brings the MHDC’s governing and organizational procedures into alignment with State laws governing such commissions, while retaining local organizations’ historic ability to participate in proceedings and make recommendations to the city regarding its composition and activities.
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