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District 2 Street Honorarily Renamed for Dr. Yvonne Kennedy

Jan 12th, 2018

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Council Vice President Levon Manzie held an event today to honor the late Dr. Yvonne Kennedy for her lifetime of work for the community and city of Mobile as an educator, legislator and community leader. The ceremony marked the honorary renaming of Glennon Avenue to ‘Dr. Yvonne Kennedy Avenue.’

“Dr. Kennedy was a true stalwart of our community who selflessly served the residents of District 2 and the entire city and region her whole life,” said Councilman Manzie. “Honoring her, in this way, and especially as a part of this weekend’s events, is incredibly special.”

Dr. Kennedy’s legacy includes having helped pass the legislation which established the Mayor-Council form of government and was responsible for making possible the restoration of Central High, making it a vital part of the campus at Bishop State.

“All her life, Dr. Kennedy focused her energies and considerable abilities on improving the city and especially the MLK Community. We are all humbled to be a part of honoring this great community leader and Mobilian,” said Thelma Thrash, a community leader who helped organize the event.

The Council voted unanimously in favor of Councilman Manzie’s proposal to rename the road in honor of Dr. Kennedy.