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City of Mobile declares August 18 - 25 "Healthcare Prayer and Appreciation Week"

Aug 17th, 2021

Posted in: City Council


Mobile, Ala. — Mayor Sandy Stimpson and the Mobile City Council have declared August 18-25 as Healthcare Prayer and Appreciation Week and are asking faith leaders and all Mobilians to keep local healthcare workers at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in their thoughts and prayers. 

Throughout the past 18 months and increasingly in recent weeks, Mobile’s frontline hospital and healthcare professionals have valiantly worked to protect and save the lives of citizens suffering from COVID-19. These men and women have put their own health and safety at risk and worked countless hours — often without adequate supplies, equipment or manpower. They have also had to live with the heartbreak, grief and trauma of seeing too many patients succumb to this deadly disease.

“In times of crisis, Mobilians have always rallied together, and now it’s time to rally behind these men and women with our prayers, love and outward support to show our heartfelt appreciation for all they are doing to protect and preserve our health and the lives of many in our City,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. “If your neighbor, friend or family member is a frontline healthcare worker, offer to buy them lunch, or cut their grass or do anything that might help remind them that we still have their back. More importantly, we are asking all citizens to show their support by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, embracing social distance and good hygiene and doing the other things we know reduce the spread of COVID-19.” 

In addition, the City of Mobile is asking all local churches and houses of worship to toll their bells for one minute at noon each day during the week as a reminder to all citizens that we must unite to defeat COVID-19 and remind local healthcare workers that we are committed to doing so. If you or your organization do something showing your appreciation for frontline healthcare workers in the Port City, share it to social media with the hashtag: #Mobilecares. We want to highlight some of the things the City and other groups are doing to show these local healthcare heroes we still value the work they’re doing in our hospitals and clinics every day.

Click here for a PDF of the proclamation.