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Did You Know?

Emergency Calls

Fire Fighting

Specialized Services

All uniformed personnel are trained in fire suppression and basic emergency medical care. Specialized services include: paramedics, high angled and confined space rescue, extrication from motor vehicle accidents, hazardous material responses, fire prevention, public education, and fire investigation.

Emergency Medical: The department has 11 Advanced Life Support ambulances that respond to over 18,000 calls to provide advanced life support measures to a wide range of medical emergencies such as: childbirth, heart attack, stroke, breathing difficulties, and all forms of trauma related injuries.

Technical Rescue: Some firefighters are trained to rescue people from heights, confined spaces and other difficult areas, such as trenches or cave-ins.

Hazardous Material Response: Approximately 24 firefighters have volunteered to be on the Haz-Mat Response Team. They are trained to respond to all chemical and/or hazardous materials response throughout the entire county.