The EMS Divisions Administrative Offices are located Central Fire Station, 701 St. Francis Street. District Chief Leann Tacon supervises this division. The EMS Division is responsible for the administration of medical reports, the upkeep and renewing of all medical licenses held by personnel of the department, and inventory and distribution of controlled drugs. This division is also responsible for arranging for medical coverage at over 300 special events including Mardi Gras, Football and baseball games, Bay Feast, Azalea Trail Run, Greater Gulf State Fair and many other City sponsored special events.

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department has been the lead EMS agency in our community by providing paramedical services since 1975. In 1991 the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department added transport (ambulance) capability to our medical armamentarium. The Firemedic Division provides pre-hospital/basic and advanced life support management of acute illness or injury through aggressive field stabilization and rapid transport to the appropriate medical facility; offers support services to other divisions of the Department.

The core of our Firemedic program is comprised of 48 Board Certified Paramedics that are assigned to one of our eight (8) advanced life support transport units. These units are stocked with the most advanced prehospital medical equipment and pharmaceuticals available. Overall the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department has 86 Board Certified Paramedics assigned to Engine Companies and Firemedic Ambulance Units. These personnel are also certified as Firefighters and are used in a dual role capacity greatly improving the efficiency of our emergency service system.

In the fall of 2004 we have added the application of 12 Lead electrocardiography to our Firemedic units. This technology provides immediate data to the paramedic that helps to determine whether or not the patient is actually having a heart attack. Until now this technology was only available in the hospital. With the addition of Bluetooth technology the information is then relayed to the Emergency Department prior to the patient's arrival, greatly facilitating the ER Physician's decision to use thrombolytic therapy upon arrival.

All of these innovations combined with the essential training are dramatically reducing the door-to-cath time in patients who are experiencing acute myocardial infarction. The MFRD continues to be the trend setting Fire Agency in the State of Alabama and in 2006 were granted a variance to add the EZ-IO drill. The EZ-IO project was submitted by one of our Firemedics (Captain Jack Busby) and it allows rapid access to deliver fluids, drugs and even blood through a needle inserted in the tibia with a drill. 

The EMS Division can be reached at (251) 208-2863. 

EMS Special Events

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Bike Team Program was established for the purpose of providing the citizens and visitors of the City of Mobile with enhanced emergency medical services during special events. The team consists of Firemedics and Firefighter/EMT's. The program was established in 1998 to assist at special events, such as Mardi Gras, Bay Feast, Senior Bowl, GMAC Bowl, high school football games, Bay Bears Baseball, Azalea Trail Run etc. to provide a more rapid deployment of emergency medical services in crowded/congested areas. Currently the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department Bike EMS Bike Team consists of 10 bicycles, which are equipped with a full compliment of ALS supplies capable of handling any type of emergency call. An EMS Bike Team consists of two bikes with one Medic and one Basic EMT. Special Events also uses a Mini Ambulance, which is an elongated golf cart with a stretcher on board as well as full size ambulances and walking teams. Special Event Team members are easily identifiable by the bright red golf shirts with Mobile Fire-Rescue on the back in large white letters that make the teams extremely visible at large assemblies. This not only provides high exposure for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department but also provides the public easy recognizable medical personnel in large crowds.