Mobile Fire-Rescue Celebrates December Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter of the Month

Mobile Fire-Rescue Celebrates

December Firefighter of the Month



Mobile, AL - Captain Sherry Crush’s efforts in attaining an improved score from the Insurance Services Office have been above and beyond the call of duty. She was an instrumental part in planning a strategy and creating and implementing a plan to take the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department to a class-1 rating after 48 years of being an class-3 or 4. The amount of hours put into this accomplishment are immeasurable. On numerous occasions, Captain Crush worked while off-duty, devoting precious time away from family, in order to ensure departmental success.

In addition to all of Captain Crush’s hard work on the ISO project, she tackled the large task of streamlining and condensing Mobile Fire-Rescue’s Policies and Procedures. Many years had passed since the Policies and Procedures had been adequately updated, and Captain Crush painstakingly filtered through and reorganized MFRD's manual for consistency and simplicity.

The Firefighter of the Month award not only represents Captain Crush's accomplishments, but it also represents her character. Captain Crush is a servant who is committed to the safety of our community. Words and awards cannot adequately represent the appreciation of the City of Mobile nor that of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department.


On behalf of all the citizens of Mobile, Alabama, and with our sincere thanks, we are pleased to award the December 2018 Firefighter of the Month to Fire Service Captain Sherry Crush.