Chad Sprinkle Named November 2020 Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter of the Month

DECEMBER 10 - Fire Service Captain Chad Sprinkle has been an indispensable member since beginning his career with the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department (MFRD) in September of 2000. Even before promoting to the rank of Captain (May 2015), Sprinkle displayed what seemed to be an innate ability to attract others to him through charm, honesty, and genuine empathy for all whom he engages.


Coupling those characteristics with his natural gift for guiding others, Captain Sprinkle has continuously provided teems of firefighters with positive leadership.


The job of a firefighter is known to be inherently dangerous and physically demanding; however, being a first responder is just as psychologically challenging. For generations, firefighters were advised to “just deal with it” after responding to incidents considered mentally difficult to handle.


Knowing the history of mental health stigmas in the fire service and recognizing a need to change for firefighter health, MFRD partnered with Veterans Recovery Resources (VRR) in 2019, placing a focus on mental wellness. VRR established a program which would help MFRD develop Peer Support Specialists from among its ranks.


Peer Support Specialists would be available for firefighters needing assistance with any matters involving mental health, be they personal or professional. Firefighters helping firefighters would include all areas ranging from everyday stressors, marital problems, and financial debt to traumatizing scenes, anxiety, depression, and more.   


Since the inception of the Peer Support Team, Captain Sprinkle has taken the lead through coordinating group training modules, promoting mental wellness in all aspects of the fire service, and answering the call at a moment’s notice when any of Mobile’s firefighters need a helping hand, shoulder, or ear.


Veterans Recovery Resources and MFRD have hopes to expand the Peer Support Program, to include all Mobile area first responders.


Captain Sprinkle’s passion for service, exceptional heart, and abundant compassion for not only fellow firefighters but for all first responders and dispatch personnel are why he is a mainstay for positive culture change within MFRD. Thus, ensuring progression within the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department for generations of firefighters to follow.


Words and awards cannot adequately represent the appreciation of the City of Mobile or the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department.


Fire Chief Jeremy Lami and the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department are proud to recognize Captain Chad Sprinkle as the NOVEMBER Firefighter of the Month.