Demone Clarke, Jr Named August Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter of the Month

Demone Clarke, Jr photo


Demone Clarke, Jr. began his career with the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department in 2011 as a Firefighter, promoting to the rank of Fire Service Driver in 2016. Throughout his career, Driver Clarke has constantly exhibited a high level of professionalism, offering compassion and care to all, both on and off duty.

When he’s away from his regular duties as a firefighter, Driver Clarke owns and operates a lawn care business titled CPR Lawn Services. During a global pandemic, with many countries, states, and cities fully locked down, Driver Clarke spread kindness and generosity by offering free lawn care to senior citizens.

Clarke attributes his inspiration to a desire to express gratitude for support received by first responders from members of the Mobile community. “The community is always showing us how much they appreciate us as firefighters, and I just wanted to extend that same courtesy back to them and show them how much we appreciate them,” Clarke says.

Driver Clarke’s selfless actions are a testament to his character and dedication to those around him.

On behalf of all citizens and with our sincere thanks, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is pleased to recognize Demone Clarke, Jr. as the August Firefighter of the Month.