Apartment Fire at Linx Apartments




At approximately 6:48 AM on Monday, May 3rd, Mobile Fire-Rescue Department companies were dispatched to the Linx Apartments at 6960 Airport Blvd. Witnesses reported the presence of smoke in an apartment building. Upon arriving on scene, fire personnel confirmed a large quantity of thick, black smoke billowing from the door and windows of a 1st-floor apartment unit.


Firefighters sprang to action, evacuating residents from the involved structure, and beginning the initial fire attack. Suppression teams were able to quickly locate the source of the fire and successfully extinguish all signs of flames without incident.


The apartment unit suffered significant flame, smoke, and water damage. Flames extended to the apartment directly above, causing moderate damage. There were no occupants discovered within the apartment unit.


Cause of Origin Investigators have determined the fire to have been intentionally set.


The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is asking for the aid of the public regarding the incident. Anyone with information regarding the fire is asked to contact the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department at (251) 208-7311 or (251) 471-7300.





Through the course of the investigation, Krista Andrea Gainey was arrested and charged with Arson 1st.