Gibson Street Residential Fire


MOBILE, Ala. – At approximately 8:09 P.M., Mobile Fire-Rescue Department crews were dispatched to the 2000 block of Gibson Street for reports of a residence on fire in the area. Neighbors informed that flames were visible and that the homeowner was possibly inside.


Upon arriving on scene, fire personnel described thick, black smoke visible from the front of the home with flames present.


Fire scene operations were established, as teams connected large-diameter hose to a water source and extended charged hose lines into the single story structure for their initial fire attack.


Search & rescue teams swept through the home, room-to-room, discovering no occupants trapped inside. Both a quick, primary search and a more detailed secondary search yielded “all clear” results.


The homeowner was discovered outside of the structure in a safe location. The resident advised that he was awakened by blaring smoke alarms to discover the home was on fire. He successfully escaped without incident or injury.


All sources of fire were discovered and successfully extinguished. The home was ventilated of toxic gases and smoke.


There were no reported injuries from the scene.


Cause of Origin Investigators continue to sweep through the structure in an effort to determine the cause of the incident. Additional updates will be provided as the investigation unfolds.