MFRD Welcomes Newest Firefighter Recruits


MOBILE, Ala. – The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department welcomes its newest group of fire academy recruits with Fire Recruit Class 19-01. Beginning today (Aug. 19, 2019), the 22 recruits embark on a 20-week training program, including basic medical and fire scene operations and tactics, in hopes of becoming Mobile’s next firefighters.


Their training will begin with Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) School, preparing recruits for National Registry examination, focusing on topics such as scene safety, patient assessment, basic medical care, and emergency vehicle operations. Recruits will commit much of their time to book studies, practical applications, job performance tasks, and hospital and ambulance rotations, allowing them vital experience before obtaining licensure.


Fire School training immediately follows EMT completion, with a shift from the mentally-draining aspects of training to a more physically-grueling regimen. From fire ground operations to vehicle extrication and hazardous materials awareness, Fire School attendees will learn first-hand the necessary operations for protecting the citizens of Mobile.


Citizens have an opportunity at an in-depth look at the journey of MFRD firefighter recruits by following the Mobile Fire-Rescue Training Center page via Facebook.


Fire Recruit Class 19-01 has an anticipated graduation date of December 20, 2019.