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Grow Mobile



Annexation will mean millions more federal grant dollars for Mobile.

Current population is 192,085. This will take us to 205,011
Cities with more than 200,000 are eligible for more grant funding

Mobile is currently the 4th largest city in Alabama. This will make us the 2nd.

Higher ranking = more visibility and opportunities for economic development
Investors want to be in markets that are growing – not shrinking

The council is not being asked to decide whether or not to annex. They are simply authorizing an election to occur in the proposed area.

5 times in the past 27 years, the Council has approved similar measures.
People deserve the right to vote

Annexation will bring an additional $2.2 million annually to the citizens of Mobile.

New revenue from the areas will more than offset the cost of serving these new neighborhoods
More resources = better ability to improve existing neighborhoods

Annexation will improve Public Safety

New grant funds will pay for 45 new police officers and 750 new body cameras
Increased revenue will help pay for new police precincts on Dauphin Island Parkway and downtown Mobile

New citizens and business will pay their fair share

Business just outside the city enjoy tax advantage over businesses just inside the city
Neighborhoods are generally newer and built to city code, minimizing maintenance costs

The time is now

Annexation must be completed by Dec 31 to be included in the 2020 Census
Council must vote on Tuesday to authorize the election.

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Airport & Snow Rd

Schillinger Corridor

King's Branch