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FACT SHEET: Mayor Stimpson Implements Public Works Incentive Plan

November 16, 2018

"This new program will improve services for our citizens and reward our hardworking team members. Our goal is to create a healthy work environment where our public works team can grow both professionally and financially while meeting daily goals of production. It's time to challenge the status quo." - Mayor Stimpson

Mayor Action:
Mayor Stimpson has established a worker safety and incentive plan based on performance for the City of Mobile's public works department and architectural engineering personnel. This program offers employees the ability to earn more than a 5 percent salary increase. Any employee who has faced disciplinary action is not eligible for these incentives. This program is a 6 month trial and will be revaluated at that time. The Mayor announced the incentive plan to a group of public works employees on Thursday afternoon.

Shift Incentive:

  • A $25.00 weekly incentive for Public Works personnel.

  • Rewards personnel (excluding administrative employees) who report to work.

  • Reduces overtime costs.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Incentive:

  • A 2.5 percent increase in base salary for personnel with a valid CDL driver's license.

  • Motivates team members to gain licenses and driving skills to fill in when necessary.

  • Team will assist those seeking to qualify for the CDL.

  • Provides management a deeper pool of qualified drivers.

Equipment Assignment:

  • A 2.5 percent increase in base salary for employees who operate open cab equipment exposed to the elements.

  • Inspires team members to become qualified to operate multiple types of equipment.

Safety Incentive:

  • A maximum award of $1,000 per year (state limit) earned in $250 quarterly increments for personal safety and operating equipment safely.

  • Primary operators of the equipment and those assigned to work on the back of a rear loader solid waste truck are eligible.

  • If damage or injury occurs through negligence, or for injuries resulting in medical treatment, the employee would not earn that quarter's incentive.

  • Encourages employees to stay healthy and focused.

  • Reduces equipment repair costs and worker's compensation costs.