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Mayor’s Statement Concerning Resolution 09-444

May 14th, 2019

Posted in: Mayor

Today the City Council, upon the advice of its attorney, refused to adopt a budget amendment that would have allowed me to grant a cost of living adjustment to all employees.
I believe that this was a political statement.
The City Council would have excluded from the adjustment some of the very talented and hardworking employees who were the most responsible for the financial success of the City over the last five years.
Three previous cost of living adjustments have been made in 2015 twice and in 2016 with no complaint by the Council or any attempt to divide our employees into a deserving and non-deserving class.
The City Council has attempted to amend our proposal.  There is no such authority in our law.  Following the Council’s changes to our proposal would risk any salary adjustments being completely ineffective – a risk I will not take.
But this fight is not over
I pledge to find a way, as quickly as possible, to reward our employees, all of them, for their hard work and financial restraint.
William S. Stimpson