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MPRD Fit Trail

Dec 5th, 2022

QR Codes will be posted along our beautiful walking trails that will allow the walker/runner to gain access to monthly challenges and activities! Join in on free local walking challenges and follow us on Facebook ( @mobileparksandrec ) to see some of our highlighted members!


Launch Event starts on January 18, 2023 from 9-10am at the Fredrick D. Richardson Jr., Tricentennial Park (2121 Bragg Avenue). During this launch event, you will learn how to use your smartphone to get fit!


Looking for your location?

  • Dotch Community Center/Trinity Gardens (3100 Bank Avenue)
  • Figures Park (658 Donald Street)
  • Hope Community Center (850 Edwards Street)
  • Laun Park (5401 Windmill Drive)
  • Lavretta Park (200 Parkway West)
  • Springhill Recreation Center (1151 Springhill Avenue)
  • Seal Park (540 Texas Street)
  • Sullivan Community Center/Park (351 North Catherine Street)
  • Fredrick D. Richardson, Jr. Tricentennial Park (2121 Bragg Avenue)
  • Cooper Riverside Park (1 Government Street)
  • Mardi Gras Park (109 Government Street)
  • Lyons Park (180 Lyons Park Avenue)
  • Medal of Honor Park (1711 Hillcrest Road)
  • Hillsdale Park (558 East Felhorn Road)
  • Langan Park (4901 Ziegler Boulevard)


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