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Trash Collection Rules

TRASH is defined as tree limbs, tree/yard debris, discarded furniture, and bedding.

A CONTRACTOR is defined as someone who performs services for pay, such as a Building Contractor, Tree Trim/Removal Service, Electrician, Plumber, or privately owned or contracted Property Management Company.

CONTRACTOR DEBRIS - If a resident hires a Contractor to do any kind of work, it is the Contractor's responsibility to collect and remove the debris, and take it to the landfill.

Bagged leaves, plants and grass clippings can be composted, used as mulch, or may be put at the curb, as long as it does not exceed the 2 cubic yard limit. (3' X 3' X 6' or 15-bag equivalent) The City will remove RESIDENTIAL trash that exceeds this limit for a charge, pricing depends on the size of the pile. Call 208-5311 to place a work order requesting an estimate for piles over the limit.

City Ordinance

  • Prohibits Household Chemicals, Paint, Stain, Construction Debris, Glass, Sinks, Bathtubs, HVAC Units, Sheetrock, Insulation, and Fencing to be mixed in trash piles. These are to be removed by the homeowner, tenant or Contractor.
  • Prohibits cutting or blowing grass, leaves and clippings into the streets, gutters, or storm drains. These must be composted, used as mulch, or raked and placed into garbage bags, and set out with the trash pile, or discarded by the Contractor. Anyone seen blowing yard clippings into the streets, gutters or storm drains, including private landscapers, is subject to a $532 fine for Littering. Please pass this information on to your landscaper.
  • Prohibits placement of trash pile at the curb more than 48 hours in advance of regularly scheduled pickup day.
  • Placing the pile at the curb prior to this could result in a fine of $532.
  • Prohibits placement of trash in medians, on vacant lots, Doing so could result in a fine of $532 for Littering and/or Illegal Dumping.

DO NOT PLACE ELECTRONICS, APPLIANCES, PAINT, TIRES, GLASS OR OTHER PROHIBITED ITEMS ON YOUR REGULAR TRASH PILE; THE ENTIRE PILE WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. Call 208-5311 and place a work order for an Electronics or Appliance pickup. Glass can be recycled or put in your household garbage can. WE WILL NOT PICK UP REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, AIR CONDITIONERS, ETC., THAT CONTAIN HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SUCH AS FREON, OIL, GAS, ETC. See Helpful Hints below for more information.

Helpful Hints

PAINT DISPOSAL - Using QuikCrete (fast-setting concrete) is the fastest way to dry paint. Pour and mix equal parts of QuickCrete with the leftover paint in the can. Stir until fully mixed. Leave out to dry. Once it is dry, put the lid back on the can, and put in your brown garbage can for disposal. If you have sand or cat litter, use the same procedure as QuickCrete. It will take a little longer to dry, but the results are the same.

TV's and ELECTRONICS - If you prefer to RECYCLE your Flat Screen TV's and Electronics instead of putting them out at the curb, you can cal] United Cerebral Palsy at (251) 479-4900. Ask about home pick up for the elderly and disabled. CRT-tvpe TV's and older models may be taken to Best Buy for Recycling for a $25 recycling fee. Please call (251) 478-6678, Press 3 for Geek Squad for more information.


In This Section

The City of Mobile offers Yard Signs for your neighborhood that serve as a reminder for your pick up days.

Please contact 208-4100 or 208-5311 to order your neighborhood signs today!