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Bienville Square


Parks and Recreation


"Fun & Safe Places where Everybody is Somebody"


Mission Statement

To increase the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our community by providing diverse activities in secure & welcoming spaces

Core Values

Customer Service

Professional, Knowledgeable & Friendly

Each of us is an ambassador to Parks and Recreation, as well as, to the City of Mobile. We stay familiar with general information to be prepared for any question or problem; If we are unsure, we will find out. We service not by any list, but by doing our best to fulfill our community's needs.


Intentional Communication that encourages Collaboration, Alignment & Effectiveness

All the divisions of Parks and Recreation are trying to accomplish the same goals; each in their own way. To that end, we work together by communicating, aligning, and contributing our part well thought-out and agreed-upon plans. Coming together pulls us every which way, but when we execute, we do so as a unified front.


Diversity & Inclusiveness throughout our Offerings

Staff and Citizens of all backgrounds, titles, races, genders, etc. are given opportunities to be informed, participate in activities, utilize facilities, access services, offer feedback, and take part in the future planning of Parks and Recreation. In and around those opportunities, we make a conscious effort to explore new trends, promote broadly, engage outliers, maintain participation, and alleviate any situation that may deter each person from returning.


  • Encourage healthy lifestyles through awareness, access, and value.
  • Ensure all spaces are well-maintained with optimal signage and lighting to promote an inviting and safe environment.
  • Facilitate and provide offerings and spaces that reflect the community needs.
  • Be intentional in providing more opportunities for Professional Development and Training for all staff.
  • To become better stewards of our park properties by starting to take steps to become Environmentally Resilient.


Kimberly Carmody
Senior Director Parks and Recreation


Gerard W. McCants
Operations Manager

Daniel Otto
Superintendent of Parks

Shadrach Collins Jr.
Superintendent of Recreation

Brian Aaron
Azalea City Golf Course Superintendent

Scott Novak
Tennis Centers Superintendent