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"Serving Those Who Serve"
History of The Federation of Fire Chaplains 

Chaplain's Mission
The Chaplain's office falls under the supervision of the Assistant Fire Chief. The primary mission of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Chaplains is to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of all departmental employees and their families. We will serve as liaison to the religious community and work together with various programs in an effort to help bring healing and hope to the Mobile community.


Chaplain's Philosophy 
Believing that GOD is the answer to all of our situations and circumstances, the Chaplaincy bears witness to the love and power of GOD for the Fire Department personnel, their families, and the people we serve. Pastoral care is offered to all people regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion.

The Chaplaincy provides a source of strength to the Fire Department personnel, their families, and the community. 

What is a Fire Chaplain? 
A Fire Chaplain is a Minister of Jesus Christ who seeks to meet the life needs of all Mobile Fire-Rescue Service personnel and their families. The Chaplain honors all faiths, maintains strict confidentiality, is available to care for victims impacted by fire or assisted by fire rescue personnel, addresses and meets real human needs in specialized contexts of life-- at work,in the community and in recreational or leisure setting.

CALLED by God to serve as a Minister to Firefighters, their families and community victims in the name of Jesus Christ and make disciples.

HELPER to others who may be experiencing crisis, pain, discouragement, frustration, fear and depression. This may especially mean Fire Rescue personnel and their families as well as people in the community.

AMBASSADOR of Christ in nontraditional contexts of ministry, usually outside the Local church- in the department, out in the community or even at the fire scene.

PERSONALLY shares the word of hope which is found in the “good news” of Jesus Christ’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

LENDS talents, gifts and abilities to minister to Fire Rescue personnel according to their lifestyle.

AVAILABLE always- day or night- to serve the life needs of others when called upon.

INCREDIBLE person of worth who is a vital resource to all fire service personnel.

NEVER stops encouraging others toward personal integrity, wholeness, renewal & joy- no matter what their spiritual background or religious choices may be.


In general, the goal of a lifestyle Fire Chaplaincy is exactly the same as any other ministry: to bring glory and praise to God. Specifically, the objective are directly concerned with the personal encouragement, edification and spiritual development of the firefighter and his family.

"Availability Is The Key"

  • The Fire Chaplain is available to provide 24 hour emergency service and intervention when called upon. The Chaplain is always “on call” for the needs of Fire Rescue personnel and their families.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to provide short term, confidential counseling for department personnel and family members & their children.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to conduct weddings, funerals, baptisms, dedications, christenings for Fire Rescue personal and family members.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to provide emergency services and intervention for community victims or those touched by Fire or served in some way by the department. The Chaplain’s assistance is to be seen as an extension of the department into the community in which it serves.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to pray (lead invocation and or benediction) at departmental meeting and ceremonies.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to lead or participate as a departmental representative in the community, or at local, state, regional or national meetings and conferences.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to visit stations and crews to build relationships, to encourage morale and to attend to individual needs.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to coordinate employee assistance programs.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to coordinates community assistance program, i.e. red cross, salvation army, community church programs.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to assist departmental bereaved and to visit sick and/ or injured at the hospital or at home.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to refer department personnel and community victims to appropriate churches or religious groups by individual choice or preference.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to coordinate pastoral care of Fire and EMS victims.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to conduct bible study groups for seekers as well as discipleship training for Christian Firefighters.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to develop and/or coordinate a community team of volunteer Chaplains to assist with departmental and community needs.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to assist and/ or teach Fire personnel with training in crisis intervention and stress management.
  • The Fire Chaplain is available to engage in continuing self-education, training and upgrading of ministry skills and knowledge.

Mobile Fire-Rescue also welcomes the service of 7 Volunteer Chaplains, who are assigned to stations and areas of the City of Mobile. 

The Chaplain is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Fire Chaplain office can be reached at (251) 208-5818. The mailing address is: 

701 Saint Francis Street 
Mobile, Alabama 36602


Fire Chaplain's Prayer & Pledge
I am committing myself to you in terms of time and effort, 
with the objective of building a relationship of trust together.
My desire is that you might carefully assess your own uniqueness
as a creature of God, and that I might be one instrument
that God uses to encourage your personal walk

The Following is a list of men who have served as Chaplain:

  • Father Oliver Adams 1976 - 1997
  • Rev. Fred Toland 1976 - 1997
  • Rev.Spence Walker 1997 - 2002
  • Father Steve Williams 1997 - 2006
  • Rev.Percy Harris Jr. 1997 - 2016
  • Deacon Ed Connick 2006 - 2023