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Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression Division is responsible for combating and controlling fires, property conservation measures, mitigation of fire and hazardous material threat through annual inspections and preplanning in commercial and public buildings, and inspecting and maintaining fire hydrants; providing the delivery of extrication, rescue, basic life support, early defibrillation and related emergency medical services; providing delivery support systems to include hazardous material teams, high angle rescue, heavy extrication, and EMT-D. Mobile Fire- Rescue Department operates on three shifts. Firefighters work a 24-hour shift with 48 hours in between shifts. Each shift begins at 7 A.M. each day. The city is divided into three fire districts on a geographic basis. Each Fire District and each shift has a District Fire Chief assigned that supervises fire companies and responds to fires and incidents in these districts. A Deputy Chief is assigned to and oversees each 24-hour shift.

photo of Ken Keller Deputy Chief Ken Keller
1st Shift Commander
photo of John D. Young Deputy Chief John D. Young
2nd Shift Commander
photo of Alex Trenier Deputy Chief Alex Trenier
3rd Shift Commander

Brush Firefighting Units 

The Department has 2 brush firefighting units that are located at our suburban stations. These units have off road capability to combat grass, brush, and woods fires. Our goal is to prevent the spread of the fires to contiguous neighborhoods and to limit damage to our natural resources. 

Vehicular Extrication Unit - "Jaws of Life" 

Firefighters staffing our ladder truck companies have at their disposal very powerful hydraulic rescue tools commonly referred to by the public as the "Jaws of Life". These firefighters are able to literally remove the car from around the victim of an automobile accident in a rapid and safe manner. Training in the proper use of these rescue tools by our Training Division is extensive. Currently, six (6) well-placed Ladder Truck Companies have this capability, providing widespread coverage. 

Maritime Fire-Rescue Units 

Mobile Fire-Rescue commissioned its new fireboat the Phoenix on February 14, 2006. It is a 40 ft. aluminum boat and is rated to pump 4,000 gpms from two 2,000 gpm Hale pumps. The boat has two 370 hp Yanmar Diesel engines for drive and two additional for the pumps. The boat also has one 12 kw generator. The boat is 40 ft in length, 14 ft in width and has a draft of 3 ft. Top speed is 40 mph or 26.4 knots. The boat consist of four hand lines, four remote control monitors, two 2 1/2 inch and two 1 3/4 hose connectors, two 5 inch discharges and 90 gallons of foam. The boat also has radar, chart plotter, 800 Mhz fire radio, VHF radio and compass, with firefighting and medical capabilities.The boat was built by Silver Ships in Theodore, Alabama. 

Medical First Response Cardiac Defibrillators 

The 19 engine companies, 6 ladder companies, and 11 rescue trucks are the backbone of our emergency medical response. These strategically-placed units provide rapid, first response for emergency medical care in the management of life threatening conditions. This includes basic life support care provided by our Firefighter/EMTs and Paramedic Firefighters with automatic defibrillation capability.