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Hazardous Materials


fire fighter in hazmat gear

The Hazardous Materials Response team for Mobile Fire-Rescue Department responds to all situations where chemical spills and transportation or industrial accidents involving hazardous materials. The hazmat team is comprised of 30 firefighters who have been extensively trained in the control and mitigation of hazardous materials incidents. Their armamentarium includes a variety of specialized tools and equipment that allows them to enter extremely toxic environments and secure leaking containers as well as mitigating the impact of the toxic release on the environment.

The hazmat team responds not only in the City of Mobile but also anywhere in the county. They are given updated data of chemicals being stored or manufactured in the area and most are kept in a computer database kept on the hazmat truck. All members of the hazmat team are firefighters who have volunteered for the special duty and training. Team members are assigned to Engine 7 and Truck 10 at Seelhorst Fire Station.