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Training Division

District Chief Mack Weaver and his staff are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing all training activities for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department and its nearly 500 firefighters and staff personnel. This is a massive effort, as it encompasses basic training for new recruits in the 20 week rookie school, drivers training and testing, officer development training, and various specialized training modules, such as the handling of hazardous materials emergencies and high angle, confined space rescue. 

The Training Academy also teaches the emergency medical technician courses and provides required continuing education units to both department personnel and civilian for keeping Paramedics and EMT licenses in tact. The Training Academy is also responsible for the upkeep of training records, company inspection reports, as well as other important records. 

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department Training Academy is located at 860 Owens Street. This facility consists of a four story smoke and burn tower, a drafting pit, a large classroom and portable classrooms. The Training Academy is used to train entry-level firefighters and veteran firefighters, while serving as an American Heart Association facility, Fire Recruit Training program, Regional Training Center for the Alabama Fire College, and field training facility for the National Fire Academy. The U.S Navy and U.S. Coast Guard, as well as other fire departments in Southwest Alabama, also use the facility for training their personnel. 

fire fighters training with patient on tableThe Training Academy of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary team. Responsibilities include a comprehensive recruit training and certification program that lasts for over fifteen (15) months. During this time, new employees are placed through a rigorous course of practical and didactic education that prepares them for the Alabama State Firefighter Certification test and a national board examination for Emergency Medical Technician. Additionally the training center coordinates Paramedic Training, continuing education for EMT's and Paramedics, advanced Fire Suppression Certifications, and basic and advanced technical rescue courses. 

The Training Center is equipped with interactive classrooms and houses numerous training props available on campus, including a four-story burn tower used for many live-fire simulations, trench rescue prop, confined space facilities, aircraft rescue and firefighting tools, structural collapse simulator, and more.

All of these programs are in addition to on-going basic skills training in fireground strategy, tactics, and evaluations. 

You can reach the Training Division at (251) 208-2863.



Training Academy Staff

photo of Jermaine Goosby Capt. Jermaine Goosby
photo of Jamey Patersen Capt. Jamey Petersen


Capt. Brent Rogers
photo of Demone Clark Driver Demone Clark, Jr.