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CRR Contractor's Portal

Strategic Planning

Name File Type
Community Risk Management

Fire Code Administration

Name File Type
Food Truck Inspections
General Contractor Checklist
Home Sprinkler Systems
Kitchen Hood Suppression Acceptance Inspection
Kitchen Hood Suppression Assembly System Plan Review
Knox Box Requirements
Mobile Civic Center Ballrooms
Occupancy Groups
Parade Float Inspections
Power of Attorney
Predevelopment Meeting Information
Public Assembly Tents
Request for Follow Up inspection
School Safety Information Plan
School Safety Report
Seasonal Assembly & Amusement Occupancies
Seasonal Assembly Occupancies- Haunted Houses, Etc
Site Plan Check List
Sky Lantern Prohibition
Sprinkler System NFPA 13 Acceptance Inspection
Sprinkler System NFPA 13r Acceptance Inspection
Sprinkler System Plan Review - IFC - NFPA - 13
Sprinkler System Plan Review - IFC - NFPA - 13R
Stand Pipe System Acceptance Inspection
Stand Pipe System Plan Review
Tents - Public Assembly

Contractor Permitting

Name File Type
Access Road Requirements
Address Visibility Chart
Annual Permit Application - Fire Protection Contractor (Letter)
Contractor Permit Submission Requirement Checklist - Clean Agent
Contractor Permit Submission Requirement Checklist - ERRCS
Contractor Permit Submission Requirement Checklist Fire Suppression Hood System
Engineer Stamp Requirement
Fire Protection System - Permit Fees
General Contractor Checklist
General Contractor Checklist
Knox Box Requirements
Knox Box Requirements
Power of Attorney
Technical Information and Requirements for the ERRCS Install Permits