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Emergency Medical Services

Jared ParkerThe Emergency Medical Services Division's Administrative Offices are located at Central Fire Station, 701 St. Francis Street. District Chief Jared Parker supervises this division, which is responsible for the administration of medical reports, maintenance and renewing of all medical licenses held by Department personnel, and inventory and distribution of controlled drugs. This division is also responsible for arranging medical coverage for more than 300 special events in the City of Mobile, including Mardi Gras, football and baseball games, the Azalea Trail Run, the Greater Gulf State Fair, and many other City-sponsored events. 

Since 1975, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department has been the lead EMS agency in our community by providing paramedical services. In 1991, MFRD added ambulatory transport capabilities to our medical armamentarium. The EMS Division provides pre-hospital/basic and advanced life support management of acute illness or injury through aggressive field stabilization and rapid transport to the appropriate medical facility; offers support services to other divisions of the Department.

The core of our EMS program is comprised of nationally registered Paramedics that are assigned to our 12 advanced life support transport units. These units are stocked with the most advanced, prehospital, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals available. Overall, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department has approximately 150 nationally registered paramedics assigned to engine companies and rescue ambulance units. These personnel are also certified as firefighters and are used in a dual role capacity, greatly improving the efficiency of our emergency service system.

photo of Cary Hunter Capt. Cary Hunter
photo of Charles Biggs Capt. Charles Biggs
Photo of Michael Balmes Capt. Michael Balmes

For the first time, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) for the quality of its Emergency Medical Services operations. CAAS certification is rare for standalone EMS services and incredibly rare for fire departments.

As of May 3, 2023, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department is one of four CAAS-certified EMS providers in Alabama and the only fire department with this national accreditation. Including private, public, and hospital-based services, only 185 of over 18,200 EMS agencies are CAAS accredited. Of those, only 25 agencies are fire departments. Achieving this certification places MFRD among the top 1% of emergency medical agencies in the United States.

The EMS Division can be reached at (251) 208-7351