Fire Chief Mark Sealy Announces Retirement from City of Mobile

Mobile Fire-Rescue Department Fire Chief Mark Sealy announces his retirement from the City of Mobile, following 29 years of dedicated services to its citizens.

Beginning his career as a Fire Medic (paramedic firefighter) in August of 1991, Chief Sealy devoted himself to fully serving the public, focusing on further cultivating his “servant’s heart.” Responding to the emergency needs of the people, providing medical interventions, and fighting fires, Sealy took the opportunities to continue learning and developing as a leader within Mobile’s fire department. He continued to serve while gradually rising through the ranks of Mobile Fire-Rescue, becoming a Fire Service Driver (Nov. 1994), a Fire Service Captain (April 2000), and a Fire Service District Chief (August 2014).

Eventually transitioning to District Chief of Training, he was charged with planning, coordinating, directing, and maintaining all training activities for all of MFRD’s firefighters and staff personnel. As Training Chief, Chief Sealy was thrust into the advantageous position of influencing and shaping the culture and future of MFRD with each new firefighter recruit class.

Because of his experience and proven leadership, Sealy was, ultimately, appointed to the position of Fire Chief on May 27, 2017, continuing his career in service, focusing not only on serving the people of Mobile but also its firefighters. As Fire Chief, the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department experienced substantial growth and improvement:

  • Restructured Department organization.
  • Increased overall Department size by adding 22 new firefighter positions (12 via SAFER Grant); thus, providing more staffing to protect firefighters and citizens.
  • Implemented annual health and cancer screenings as a part of MFRD’s focus on physical health initiative.
  • Partnered with Veterans Recovery Resources, providing firefighters mental health treatment and stress management options.
  • Established and promoted leadership training for internal development of firefighters, ensuring positive advancement for the Department’s future.
  • Increased Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating from class 3 to class 1 in fewer than 2 years.
  • Purchased 10 new frontline engines/ladder trucks and upgraded ambulances, as a part of a long-term fleet replacement plan, providing firefighters the tools, trucks, and equipment needed to provide adequate service to the public.

In 3 years as Fire Chief, Chief Sealy provided leadership, direction, vision, and hope for continued growth and a positive future of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department. In a statement to all MFRD personnel, Chief Sealy reminded, “Never forget what you represent when you come to work.  You represent hope, an ideal that feels forgotten in our world.  You exist to help those in need.  Our crews, engines, stations, and uniforms represent that hope every moment they are seen.  We symbolize the hope that someone will be there when someone is in need of help.  We can’t take that responsibility too lightly, and we can never forget why we exist. We must live up to that expectation and retain the trust of those we serve … I fully trust that the City administration will select a Chief that will continue to strive to improve the Department.  I ask that you continue to dedicate yourselves to the mission of MFRD and to each other.”

Chief Sealy will officially retire from the City of Mobile at the end of August, leaving behind a legacy of leadership and unrivaled service.

On behalf of the citizens of Mobile and all Mobile firefighters – present and future – thank you, Chief, for your dedication to service, leadership, and vision. We’ll take it from here.